Giving is Love in Action

Jesus called us to a life of radical generosity. Your commitment to regular giving is creating the future we want to see.
Together we will
• Grow as disciples
• Care for others in our communities and beyond
• Go into our neighbourhoods to introduce spiritually curious people to the Jesus-centred life
When we partner with God, the impacts are far greater than what we could do on our own. Thank you for giving!
Other Ways to Give
Online Banking
Web Banking
  • To set up your giving as a bill payment through online banking:
    • Locate your Meeting House account number, found on your donations envelope. Don’t have an account number? Request One.
    • Login to your online banking, and select the Bill Payment option.
    • Set up a new payee as “The Meeting House” (it may display as The Meeting House Church Family).
    • Enter your account number, followed by one of the three digit codes below to indicate which fund you would like to donate to. If your account number is less than 5 digits, enter zeros in front of of your number to make it the correct length
      • General Fund: #####GEN
      • Go Fund: #####GOF
      • Compassion Fund #####COM
    • Select the amount and frequency of your gift and submit.
  • Note: If you would like to make a donation to multiple funds, you must set each up as a separate bill payment.
Pre-Authorized Withdrawal
  • To have your giving deducted directly from your bank account:
    • Complete this form online. You will need your branch, transit, and account number.
TMH Account
Tax Receipt
Give To Extended Family
Need Help?
Please email Rachel at
CRA# 856684543 RR 0001